A professional online presentation sets the tone for your artistic business. My goal is to provide an economical option for artists to own and manage a website that is appealing to clients, curators, and galleries.

This page will help guide you through the steps of helping me build your new website. If you haven’t yet contacted me about building a site for you, I’d love to help! Contact me here. For artist websites, most of the time I start with a basic site that does not include e-commerce abilities. I believe that it is beneficial to start this way, and e-commerce capabilities can be added after the initial site is built. If you’d like more information on why I think this is best, or if you’re really set on an e-commerce platform, please schedule a call so we can discuss options. I have built both types of sites and can help you decide what is right for you. See examples of my previous sites.

step one: info gathering

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Please add the contact info here that you would like on the site
Please add a bio statement here (1 paragraph)
Feel free to make references to other sites that you like

step two: the hard questions

I made this section into a separate form because I recognize that sometimes these questions are difficult to answer, and require some thinking. So, you are welcome to complete these steps out of order, but it is important that we get to all of the steps so we can create the best site for you. If you are having trouble coming up with the answers to these questions, I recommend booking a 1 hour call to engage in discussion. It works every time!

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1-3 sentences
Website goals, check all that apply

 step three: send images

Please send me your images using an iPhoto shared album (preferred) or Dropbox link to alissalsexton@gmail.com

Images needed:

  • ‘flat’ images of artwork in jpeg format (max 1000px wide)

  • images should NOT have watermarks

  • images should be cropped to the edges of the artwork (no slivers on the sides) and be bright, properly levelled and in the correct colours. If your images require photoshopping to improve them, I’m happy to provide that service as well, some times there is an additional cost depending on the scope.

  • if possible, include titles and sizes on the images. This can also be done on iPhoto shared album - add the title and size of the artwork as a comment.

  • include headshot of the artist, or image of artist at work in studio (a few options are nice!)

  • image of workspace (studio shot, image of paint, camera equipment, brushes, splattered studio floor, etc)


Connecting your existing domain: email me your login info for GoDaddy or wherever you bought your domain, and I’ll patch the new site over.

Connecting social accounts: I prefer you to go on Squarespace and log into Facebook and Instagram accounts directly, so I don’t need your passwords. I can walk through this over the phone, or read this.

Connecting Mailchimp: Usually I can best do this by logging into your Mailchimp account, so you can share some access with me if you choose.

Transferring Ownership: When the initial design is complete, I will transfer ownership of the site to you, the new owner and manager. I will show you where to put in your billing information to initiate the public site. The new owner will pay fees directly to Squarespace. Click for Squarespace fees, I work with the basic personal plan.

That is all! I can get started on a site with just steps 1 & 3 completed. Websites usually take 1-2 weeks depending on workload. Once I am finished the site (or almost there), I schedule a 1 hour call where I transfer ownership of the site, and walk you through how to use it. This call is included in the web design price.