If you are considering hiring a consultant to discuss your professional art practice, you may be wondering how the process works. I want to share a few details about how I begin work with a new client. Everyone is different, of course, but here are some basic topics I find myself coming back to.

Many artists appreciate help in the following areas:

1. Creating/refining your artist statement

2. Narrowing your focus, creating a cohesive curatorial look in your physical and online presentation

3. Discussing how to approach a gallery, which galleries you'd like to be a part of

4. Reviewing gallery agreements

5. Assistance with pricing, creating scaled price charts

6. Website curation or website re-design

7. Social media strategies

8. Strategizing sales (through all channels)

During my last trip to Saatchi Gallery

During my last trip to Saatchi Gallery

My favourite starting point:

Show me your work, as many finished pieces as possible. Pictures with sizes and prices do the trick. I'd like to see which have sold, and for how much. From there, I can learn what has been successful for you before making recommendations. I never like to fix anything that isn't broken!

The 'first hour':

After receiving these lists, my first step is what I call the 'first hour', where I spend one hour researching and making specific recommendations. When you see these recommendations, you can decide if my suggestions are in line with what you're hoping for in terms of help. From there, you can decide to hire me for future work (carrying out the recommendations) or work on those on your own.  I always strive to be helpful, and I only charge for work that I've completed, not in advance.

I am able to make studio visits in Toronto/Montreal & Ottawa (and anywhere in between)

Louise Nevelson at the Tate Modern

Louise Nevelson at the Tate Modern

Contact me

It never hurts to send an email! I can let you know right away if I can be of assistance, and you can decide whether you'd like to move forward with the First Hour consult.

EMAIL: alissalsexton@gmail.com or contact here