A recent article on Artsy summarized a panel discussion held at the Nasher Sculpture Centre, Dallas. This article by Anna Louise Sussman does an incredible job of bringing forth some important changes in the art world that artists need to be aware of.

From this article, an excerpt titled "Artists are brands now. Deal with it." 

"Thanks to—no surprises here—social media, the internet, and the influx of money into the market, artists are transparently marketing themselves as brands, “with no apologies,” said Sara Fitzmaurice, “just like corporate brands.” Those brand names tend to rise to the top, thanks to both the structure of the market (in which ultra-wealthy collectors compete for a handful of trophy artists) and the media landscape."

READ THE ARTICLE HERE - Article by Anna Louise Sussman

While on the subject, check out how the Economist wrote about the 'Artist as brand' Damien Hirst in 2001 here.